Welcome to art.tacular, where you can find lots of stuff made by Juliet :) Most of this stuff can be found at piaresquare so check there for more frequent updates.

If you're using any of these on livejournal, please credit. Otherwise, all I ask is that you do not hotlink and do not take credit for any of the artworks. Thanks, and enjoy!

October 2008
Updated some wallpapers and headers, there wasn't much. Still deciding what to do with my icons. There's not that much, but enough that coding wouldn't be pretty....we'll see

August 04, 2007
I've done a massive revamping of the website. Didn't think anyone was actually looking here! But as it seems like people are, I gave the place a new layout and updated the artworks. A couple wallpapers, and LOTS of headers, including a couple that haven't been posted at piaresquare yet.